About uTorrent

Unless you have a browser that supports torrents, and as far as I know none of the big ones do that right out of the box, then you are going to need a torrent client if you want to download torrents and, why not, even create torrents of your own. That is where uTorrent comes in. This torrent client is lightweight and won’t put much strain on your system resources. It is fast and will quickly download torrents without slowing down your other online activities. And it is incredibly popular, used by more than 100 million people around the world.

uTorrent is available for all major desktop platforms, mainly Windows, Mac and Linux. uTorrent is also available for mobile, but only for Google’s Android mobile operating system. Alongside the main uTorrent for Android app, there is another mobile app called uTorrent Remote which lets you control uTorrent for desktop from your mobile device. So if you have a PC, you can use this remote app to control uTorrent for Windows from your Android smartphone.

BitTorrent Inc, the company behind the torrent peer-to-peer protocol, acquired uTorrent in 2006. BitTorrent used uTorrent’s code for its own torrent client, turning it into a rebranded version of uTorrent. This means that the BitTorrent and the uTorrent client are now two differently named versions of the same software.

uTorrent Features

Light on system resources

There’s nothing worse than having your PC slow down to a crawl because some application is hogging all the resources. uTorrent isn’t like that! It uses minimal resources and it has a small memory footprint.

Download any type of torrent

No matter what sort of torrent you want to download, uTorrent has you covered. It can handle classic torrent files, it can handle magnet links, it can even handle RSS feeds.

Automatic bandwidth management

uTorrent will try to download torrents as quickly as possible but, at the same time, it will try not to slow down your other online activities.

Multiple 'Auto Shutdown' options

uTorrent can automatically perform several tasks when a torrent download completes: shut down your PC, restart it, put it in standy or hibernation mode, or simply quit the uTorrent application.

Three editions to choose from

uTorrent for desktop is available as a free version, as a paid ad-free version, and as a paid Pro version. The latter offers protection against viruses, can convert downloads, and it can stream torrents as well.