About ooVoo

ooVoo comes with everything you would expect from a modern-day VoIP application. One of the main advantages it offers is the possibility of chatting with up to eight friends simultaneously. Of course, the software comes with many other features which you will definitely find useful. Even if you can't find your friends online, you will still be able to reach them one way or another.

In terms of appearance, the software is similar to other popular chat applications, but it has much more to offer in terms of functionality. You can chat with individual friends by exchanging text messages or making voice and video calls. Additionally, you can invite other people to the conversation in just a few seconds, with nothing more than a few clicks.

Video feeds are displayed side by side when chatting to a person. What's more, if you invite other people to your conversation, their feeds will show up as well, on the same window. If you're trying to reach a friend who is offline, you can leave them a message, in the form of a voice or video recording. The recording can be sent via email, uploaded to YouTube or by other means.

When you run ooVoo for the first time, you will obviously need to create an online account, but the process can be easier than you would expect. Simply filling in a few input fields is sufficient to gain access to the software's main functionality. You don't have to wait for any confirmation email. Alternatively, you can get started even faster if you connect with your Facebook account.

Another feature you will find interesting is the new ooVoo Chains. You and your friends may create videos and post them so that others may appreciate them. Videos can be added to existing chains, but it is also possible to create new ones. You can browse through "Trending", to see popular videos, through "Network" if you are only interested in what your friends have posted or you can have a look in "Random" if you want to see posts from the entire community.

ooVoo Features

Chat with multiple friends at once

Besides having a one-on-one conversation with a friend, you can invite other people to join. ooVoo letsd you chat with up to eight friends at once.

Message recorder

If your friend is not online, you can leave him a video message of up to 15 seconds, so they will find it when they log in.

ooVoo Chains

Creating and sharing videos with the community is one of the features you can expect from ooVoo. You can join chains with your own videos or start new ones.

Easy sign-up

Filling in a few input fields is all you have to do to get started with ooVoo. You can also use your Facebook account to sign in instantly.

Modern design

Finding the options you need and performing any operation, from making a voice call to setting up a conference, can be done quickly and effortlessly, thanks to ooVoo's modern design and intuitive controls.