About WeChat

The WeChat messaging application nicely covers all your communication needs by allowing you to stay in touch with others via instant messages, voice messages, voice and video chat, voice calls to landline or mobile phones, and even group chats. No matter how you want to get in touch with friends, coworkers, family members or loved ones, WeChat has you covered. It really is a very useful and easy to use messaging application that you can use to socialize and communicate with others.

WeChat is a Chinese product developed by Tencent and used by more than 900 million people, most of them Chinese. WeChat may not be very popular in the Western world, but it is huge in China and out of the 900 million people I mentioned before, some 90% of them are Chinese.

Different people use different devices to communicate with their friends. Some people use a PC, other people use an Android smartphone, and so on. No matter what sort of device you have, there’s a WeChat application for it. WeChat is available as a desktop application for PC and Mac, as a mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, even as a web app that works with any web browser.

WeChat is freeware.

WeChat Features

Send IMs to all your friends

At its core, WeChat is an instant messaging application. This means that you can use it to send text instant messages to any and all your friends.

Leave voice messages

Typing isn’t always the most efficient way of communicating with others. If you have something to say and don’t have the time to type it, then leave your friend a voice message.

Make voice and video calls

WeChat lets you make voice and video calls to other WeChat users. On top of that, it lets you make voice calls to landline as well as mobile phones.

Chat with a group of people

While most conversations are one-on-one, sometimes you need to talk to a group of people at once. WeChat lets you create group chats for up to 500 people and video calls for up to 9 people.

Free and available for many platforms

WeChat is free software, available for all major desktop and mobile platforms. And if you don’t want to use WeChat for PC, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows Mobile, you can always use WeChat for web.