Twitch Desktop App

About Twitch Desktop App

The Twitch Desktop App offers much more than your run-of-the-mill VoIP software. First of all, the application is dedicated to online gaming. It provides you with everything you need to manage communities, keep track of Twitch channels, set up voice and video conferences and much more.

The software's user interface consists of several sections, in which you can mange your friends list, games and Twitch channels, chat with your friends and more. There are many advantages to having a Twitch account, for both you and you friends. For example, if they have an account, you can find your friends and add them to your list instantly. Furthermore, the software's Friend Sync feature allows you to import friends and games at a moment's notice.

Certain games, which are popular on Twitch, are detected and added to your library automatically. Also, the software comes with special features for Minecraft, which is one of the most popular things to watch on the Internet. You can mange profiles, find and install mods and more.

Twitch Desktop App Features

Voice and video chat

The software lets you communicate with your friends by exchanging text messages and by making voice and video calls. You can chat with individuals or entire groups.

Friend tracking

If they have Twitch accounts, your friends can be fond and added to your list instantly, just by typing their names or email addresses.

Friend Sync

Information about your friends can be imported from many other sources. The process is quick and it doesn't involve any complicated preparations.

Manageable game library

The software can automatically detect popular games that are being played on twitch, if you have them installed on your computer. It can import them onto its interface, so you can manage them more efficiently.

Dedicated Minecraft functionality

The Twitch Desktop App has a special place for Minecraft. It lets you manage your game profiles, find, install and organize mods and more.