About FileZilla

Connect to a FTP server, view and efficiently manage everything that’s stored on that FTP server, edit any file that’s already on the server and transfer additional files to the server, compare and sync directories, and do a lot more with FileZilla, a feature-rich and fast FTP client that is offered for free to anyone who needs an efficient FTP solution.

Alongside the FileZilla FTP client, which is a cross-platform application that is available for Windows, Mac, as well as Linux, there is a FileZilla Server application that is available for Windows only. So if you already have a FTP server to connect to, use the FileZilla FTP Client. And if you don’t have a FTP Server, get the FileZilla Server and set one up. Both are free and open source.

FileZilla Features

Works with FTP, FTPS and SFTP

FileZilla can handle several types of connections: FTP, FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS), and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol or Secure File Transfer Protocol).

Manage and transfer files to a FTP Server

Once you’ve connected to a FTP Server with the FileZilla Client, you can review all the files that are stored on it, remotely edit any file you want, transfer new files to the server, and more.

Resume interrupted transfers

FileZilla has no problems transferring files that are larger than 4GB. Should something happen to interrupt the transfer, FileZilla will simply pick up where it left off.

Cross-platform and in many languages

Different people use different platforms and speak different languages, but that isn’t problem for FileZilla. It is a cross-platform tool that is available for all major desktop platform. And it is available in multiple languages too.

FileZilla Server for Windows

Alongside the FileZilla FTP client, the developer offers FileZilla Server. It’s free just like the FTP client, but it is not cross-platform. FileZilla Server is available for Windows only.